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Like many great success stories, ours also owes itself partly to chance and to the instincts and business acumen of a handful of special people. In other words, persistence pays off. Back in the middle of the post-war era in 1945, the ambitious entrepreneur Dr. Eugen Beck was looking for a suitable location for his new business. After a long, arduous search, he managed to wrest an old air force radio station on the Mackenberg from the administration of the city of Oelde and the occupation forces, which became today’s Flairpark.

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Due to shortages at the time, he first set out to vulcanise tyres and bicycle inner tubes and produce composite bearings out of plastic. One year into production, a man from Rathenow - a city with a highly developed optical industry - came to Oelde and made Dr. Beck a surprising offer. His proposal was to produce eyewear frames out of metal, wires and cow hooves. The horn material of the cow hoof had already been successfully used in making glasses. After several days, he had produced the first pair of glasses from raw materials he had obtained himself, and Dr. Beck recognised an opportunity. He hired the man and from then on began working on eyewear frames – made in Germany. The cornerstone of the success story of FLAIR was laid.


Following the pioneering work of Dr. Beck, the company developed lightweight glasses with floating beams, ultra-lightweight rimless spectacles and patented technologies that captured the international market. Manufacturers and opticians then launched their first joint advertising campaign, initiated by Dr. Beck, and glasses went from being a simple, functional object to a stylish fashion accessory. Ever since then, FLAIR eyewear frames have combined tradition, innovation and modernity.


Company Foundation


Brand Name FLAIR


Take-Over by

Rainer Beck


First rimless Frames










10th Anniversary of ART COUTURE & Take-Over by OWP Brillen GmbH


Merger of the two brands FLAIR and bx. eyewear inspirations to one company, Dr. Eugen Beck GmbH & Co. KG


Passion, precision and expertise down to the last detail: at the FLAIR eyewear manufactory, creative ideas are executed to perfection with advanced technology and traditional craftsmanship.

The Flairpark is where designers, goldsmiths and colour experts work together to create little masterpieces in eyewear. Situated next to a conservation area, it is an inspiring environment that enhances one’s sense of beauty, perfection and clarity while ideas develop.
Whenever a new model is added to the collection, a process consisting of more than 100 precisely coordinated work phases is launched, culminating in the careful finishing of each individual pair of glasses by hand.

People play an important role at FLAIR. Each pair of glasses is developed and manufactured with German values and precision. And the strictest quality controls consistently ensure that each pair of glasses becomes a true pair of FLAIRs. You will be inspired by their exceptional lightness, look and feel, and wearing comfort – that special FLAIR feeling, made in Germany.


Patented technologies

pure technology:

Following the production of full-rim glasses in acetate and metal, the first rimless, screw-mount glasses were created in 1972 – FLAIR’s first definitive innovation. Since then, the eyewear manufactory has continued to develop its technologies and is now considered a pioneer in premium handcrafted eyewear frames.


The invisible connection. Lightness & comfort in perfection.

pure technology is a sophisticated construction technology unlike any other in the world that uses a high-strength, permanently elastic nylon thread to mount the lenses instead of screwing them onto the frame. The thread absorbs shocks, reducing the risk of breakage to an absolute minimum. The stability and flexibility of the material exceeds even that of titanium and allows for a diameter of only 0.8 mm. This is why pure technology glasses are the standard in lightweight glasses with the highest wearing comfort.

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