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For us, "MADE IN GERMANY" is more than just a label which guarantees excellent quality. We believe that the best way to achieve the distinctiveness, sophistication, quality and functionality which characterise our fine eyewear is a chain of development and production in Germany. This starts with decades of experience in design and development. It continues in all production steps and ensures the unique quality of a feather-weight FLAIR – MADE IN GERMANY. The difference is in the details which make each FLAIR an incomparable masterpiece.

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Our vision has always been to make eyewear more beautiful, more comfortable – simply better. Eyewear that people around the whole world can fall in love with. Driven by this ambition, we played a significant role in growing eyewear into high-quality accessories, and we have been pioneering in turning rimless glasses into a design object, helping them to achieve fame and appreciation all around the world. Based on this revolution of the eyewear market, FLAIR has become a synonym for rimless eyewear: THE ORIGINAL.



The perfect combination of passion, precision and know-how.

In our manufactory we create masterpieces that inspire people all over the world. What drives us is our attention down to the detail – from the initial design idea to the last step of quality control.


Hundreds of precisely coordinated work steps come together to produce a pair of FLAIRs. To do so, we rely upon a combination of careful craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production processes. The result is masterful designer eyewear, a symbiosis of beauty and lightness, durability and functionality.



The FLAIR world patent:

20 years of PURE TECHNOLOGY.

We are celebrating the greatest connection between lens and frame: With PURE TECHNOLOGY, we have developed a mounting technique that completely revolutionised the eyewear market.

Instead of using screws, glue or dowels, the lenses are attached with a permanently elastic and practically invisible nylon thread which is only 0.4 mm thin. All it takes is a single - perfectly thought-out - knot.

Pure Colour


Joining the megatrend of customisation with FLAIR quality.

Timeless refined-understated temple designs, a variety of lens shapes and numerous strong colours to choose from: The PURE COLOUR collection offers each customer the right design for a personal and unique urban look.


In order to achieve this, FLAIR does not opt to offer unmanageable numbers of combinations. When it comes to The Original, the design quality of the overall composition includes the skilful fusion of design language, materials, decorative elements, as well as the shape and size of the lenses. Customisation is an art we leave to our partners in optical retail, as no one can respond more specifically to the needs of each individual FLAIR lover.

Art Couture
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The feeling of luxury.

The ART COUTURE collection fascinates with its extraordinary design language, structures and surface finishes. It develops its full brilliance through refined designs based on complex production processes and the integration of valuable premium gemstones. These are carefully and separately set to allow them to develop their full radiance and effect. Exactly pursuant to the high standards of Haute Joallerie.  


ART COUTURE GOLD builds on this, bringing together precious materials and stunning workmanship with decorative elements made of 18-carat solid gold. We create these using elaborate 3D printing processes with precise manual finishing by experienced goldsmiths. This is how premium jewellery frames are created, combining unique designs with optimal wearing comfort. True elegance is not standing out, but being remembered. It´s the only beauty that never fades.


With our love for beauty down to the very last detail, we also create high-quality fullrim eyewear, which gets that very special FLAIR charm by the use of precious designs and materials. For all this, we give our designers and developers free potency and opportunities. Everything is possible, from a subtle understatement to self-assured statement. What they all have in common: true elegance.

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ABSOLUTELY EN VOGUE – rimless is limitless.

A design series for extrovert design enthusiasts: The FLAIR FASHION collection is further proof of the limitless possibilities and expressiveness of rimless eyewear. Coloured lenses and unusual lens shapes underline the individuality of their wearers. It's no wonder that it isn’t only fashionistas and influencers who are enthusiastic about these lightweight designer glasses.


For those who aren’t quite so extroverted, FLAIR FASHION is an inspiration. It inspires to explore the diverse possibilities of customising rimless eyewear together with their specialist optical retailers.


Now there is a new possibility to make a rimless frame even more elegant and unique. Therefore we offer extremely thin COLOUR RINGS, which are available in eight different colours and set minimalistic accents. These COLOUR RINGS enable a modern “fullrim”-look and enhance prominently the shape of the lens.


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