Handmade in Germany

We are pleased to bring your exclusive reports on our participation in the Handmade in Germany world tour.  
The Handmade in Germany Tour website also provides a lot of information on the cities included in the tour and the individual participants: www.handmade-worldtour.com


Tianjin: Beijing Cultural and Art Gallery Creative Center

The Handmade world tour will continue on from Hong Kong to Tianjin. The metropolis recently became part of the integrated economic region together with the bordering cities of Beijing and Hebei. It is an industrial centre, traffic hub and cultural city with universities, colleges, museums and architectural monuments.


Hong Kong: University Museum and Cultural Center Art Gallery

Hong Kong was the next stop on the ‘Handmade in Germany’ world tour. The exhibition was presented at the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG) in the heart of Hong Kong. In addition to its many own collections, the museum holds regular exhibitions of Chinese and Western art.


Zhuhai: Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center

During the exhibition in Shenzhen, we made contacts from nearby cities, which gave us the opportunity to present the Handmade in Germany show in Zhuhai at the turn of the year. The exhibition took place at the recently inaugurated Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center, a new cultural building in Zhuhai.

The public that attended the exhibition at the Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center in Zhuhai was as diverse as the exhibition itself and included young creatives and representatives of the political elite.

Within the walls of its modern, minimalist exterior, the recently inaugurated Jin Hai An Art and Cultural Center provided us with spacious, modern exhibition spaces.


Shenzhen Industrial Museum

In November 2016, the tour came to Shenzhen, a city that was not originally on the agenda. The Chinese boom town is located in Guangdong Province and shares a border with Hong Kong in the south. Due to its proximity and status as a special economic zone, Shenzhen is an important city for foreign investment.

At this year’s SZIDF, for which the theme was ‘Design – Connecting All Possibilities’, the Asian public showed strong interest in contemporary German manufacturing craftsmanship. The Handmade in Germany world tour was presented at the opening to a broad audience consisting mainly of political representatives but also companies from the Shenzhen/Shanghai metropolitan area.


Next Stop: Macao

The “Handmade in Germany” exhibition continues on its tour through China with its next stop in Macao: From 22nd April until 25th April the exhibition will be shown in the luxurious Venetian Macao Hotel. The opening vernissage will take place on 22nd April 2016. The "International Exposition of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Ancient Art China" will be acting as exhibition partner. The luxurious Hotel in the heart of Macao is a fantastic location for the exhibition.



IHK Wirtschaftsspiegel berichtet über Handmade Tour

Lesen Sie hier die Berichterstattung des IHK Wirtschaftsspiegels 

December Issue ‘Polo Luxury & Country Life’

What was your personal highlight of the tour so far and why? What is so special/unique about the Handmade World Tour?

As a manufacturing company based in Germany, the handcrafted aspect is very important to us. Many of our bejewelled pieces are varnished or finished by hand. The most delicate structures, such as hammer or brushed finishing, require manual expertise to the highest degree of precision. We are proud of our products and we are just as proud to have been chosen as one of the few exhibitors and as the only frame manufacturer to take part in the Handmade in Germany World Tour! This gives us the opportunity to communicate and spread the message about our handmade character to the rest of the world, together with our distributors.

Our participation in the Handmade in Germany World Tour allows us to reach many people with a keen interest in handmade quality whom we may not have met before. All of the exhibitors benefit from the visitors of the other exhibitors by acquiring new customers, as the common appreciation of the value of the ‘Handmade in Germany’ product seal creates great synergies.

Some of our distribution partners abroad are using the exhibition for their own big trade events. A joint visit to the Handmade exhibition is an important part of this and helps the selected visitors understand in which league FLAIR presents itself alongside other major brands.     

Gunter Fink, President

Opening Celebration at the Up Artsh Museum in Shanghai

Around 700 guests attended the opening on 22 May.
According to the organisers, the launch was fantastic. Word of the exhibition is said to have spread throughout the entire city, and the exhibition itself received an exceptional number of visitors during the week. The entire team spoke often with the visitors and gave guided tours for enthusiastic groups. The manufacturers were introduced to the Chinese visitors, who received details about the products.
The Chinese state television channel CCTV also took the opportunity to shoot some footage on site for the show ‘The Journey of Discovery’. The program will be aired nationwide on 21 June.


The Handmade in Germany Tour will stop in Hong Kong from 4-13 September 2015.

Next Stop: Shanghai

Before the exhibition moves on to Shanghai, the entire load will be transported to the port in St. Petersburg for transfer to Asia. The planned opening date in Shanghai is 22 May 2015. An impressive space of 2,500 sq m has been provided for the exhibition in the Pop Art Museum.


Record Number of Visitors in Moscow

The Handmade Exhibition concluded on 1 March with 1,000 visitors – a record number. The final feedback from the museum director was that this kind of exhibition was unusual for Moscow and was surprisingly successful. FLAIR aroused a great deal of interest in the exhibitions. Visitors asked many questions about the exhibits. Art collectors, who were clearly intrigued by the FLAIR exhibits, also had much to report.


Opening in Moscow with the German Ambassador

The vernissage in Moscow was inaugurated on 20 February by Mr Rüdiger Freiherr von Fritsch, ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Art. Dr Andrea Knoop, honorary president of the German-Russian Chamber of Commerce, was also on hand to greet all of the guests.


A Successful Vernissage in St. Petersburg

The first phase of the exhibition in St. Petersburg was successfully completed on 28 September. Around 7,000 visitors attended the exhibition. “Public interest and curiosity clearly demonstrated that there is a market in Russia for German-produced goods and premium products”, concluded the Direktorenhaus in Berlin. Some of the exhibitors even forged new sales partnerships.


Kick-off “Handmade in Germany” Tour – St. Petersburg

The journey begins in St. Petersburg – from the 19th – 28th September the exhibition resides on Nevski Prospekt in the old German quarter in the city‘s centre.
It is no coincidence that the Handmade Tour starts in St. Petersburg: The German crafts have a special relationship with the city along the Newa. As early as 1703, German engineers and architects, artisans and scientist, craftsmen and tradesmen came to the city. They contributed immensely to the founding of the city and to the transformation into a prosperous metropolis on a marshland. The name St. Petersburg does not just sound German, it really has German roots.

FLAIR international – on the ‘Handmade in Germany’ Tour 2014

The seal ‘made in Germany’ has long stood for premium quality. The really special thing about it is the individuality that is uniquely achieved with the ‘Handmade in Germany’ concept. This thought was the initial spark for the idea of a one-of-a-kind world tour: a travelling exhibition featuring products from different sectors – a symbiosis of finely crafted masterpieces and art.      

Pascal Johanssen – one of the founders of the Direktorenhaus in Berlin – describes the project he brought to life: ‘Handmade in Germany’ is a rich collection of contemporary, high-quality products from Germany. The exhibition includes products and objects from 100 artisans, designers, specialist manufacturers and world-famous luxury brands.”

The two-year tour kicks off in St. Petersburg in mid September and goes on from there, from continent to continent, from capital to capital. Participants include: St. Petersburg - Moscow - Los Angeles - Shanghai - Hong Kong - Taipei - Tokyo - Miami - Boston - New York - Toronto - Chicago - Abu Dhabi - Istanbul – Rome. The exhibitions take place in the most upscale exhibition halls and museums for a period of 10 days in each city.

And FLAIR as the only frame maker is right in the middle of it all! “Through our participation in the ‘Handmade in Germany Tour’, we would like to create a platform that will give our visitors and overseas customers the option of looking behind the scenes at products made in Germany and at FLAIR, learning more and getting a feel for the high-quality." Our ultimate aim is to promote the ‘made in Germany’ seal of quality,” says Gunter Fink, president of FLAIR.

Handmade Vernissage 2012

The Direktorenhaus organised a Handmade Vernissage in Berlin back in 2012, which led to the idea of the tour.