Novelty! Flair 022 – The next generation retro

Flair 022 is a retro unisex model with an expressive, thin acetate front in eight contemporary colours and textures and two sizes.

The front is combined with pads and a square temple in stainless steel. The square temple gives the frame a solid feel despite its extraordinarily lightweight build; the very thin, finely crafted filigree pad arms are mounted and fitted with the state-of-the-art satinised silicone pads.

Made in Germany using Italian acetate, which guarantees a surprising depth of colour within the material, no two frames are alike.

The FLAIR acetate collection also includes Flair 022 and the men’s version Flair 021 and now has a total of 53 products in a wide range of shapes, colours and temple design to suit every taste.

For more details on this and other new FLAIR products, please go to www.flair.de and to the customer login area: download, design sheets.

Oelde, September 2017

For more information please contact:
Miriam Hasselbach: +49 25 21 / 84 00 - 47

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59302 Oelde, Germany    | www.flair.de

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