Flair 681 – Round retro

Focusing on the essential, paring away all superfluous elements and developing an impactful, modern frame: these are the cornerstones of the design concept for this frame with pure technology glazing.

The design of the frame is stripped down to the temple, which has a smooth, stainless steel surface and is defined by a single, dynamic curve that is sleek yet impressive. The colours have been adapted to the latest fashion trends and are now more discreet and muted.

Ornaments, keyholes and other complex accents are omitted, also in terms of finishing, resulting in a design for a young clientele that understands the importance of high quality even in a trendy and modern frame.

Oelde, July 2017

For more information please contact:
Letta Siebert-Daniel: 0 25 21 / 84 00 - 48

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