FLAIR Kicks Off Its 70th Year with Acetate Duo 012 and 013

In 2016, Westphalian eyewear manufacturer FLAIR will have 70 years of successful company history to look back on.
The balanced, harmonious lens shape of the unisex models has the qualities of a timeless classic and is a clear reference to the long-standing company tradition of FLAIR, which started out with the production of acetate eyewear. The filigree Bio-Steel® temple features a snail hinge and is knotted to the acetate front with an ultra-elastic nylon thread. Two key FLAIR classics are skilfully combined in this model: the finest Italian acetate that started it all and the pure temple with a snail hinge.
This combination is what makes the frame stand out from the rest of the retro designs and transforms the centre part into a floating object in the face.

Flair 012 and Flair 013

Brillen made in Germany: 70 Jahre FLAIR - 70 Jahre Qualität made in Germany

FLAIR Video ‘Handcrafted to Perfection’

Handmade Video 2016

Take a look behind the scenes at FLAIR eyewear manufacture and find out about the steps we take in handcrafting each individual frame.

Handmade in Germany - Video

Handmade in Germany Tour

Handmade in Germany Tour

The seal ‘made in Germany’ has long stood for premium quality. The really special thing about it is the individuality that is uniquely achieved with the ‘Handmade in Germany’ concept. This thought was the initial spark for the idea of a one-of-a-kind world tour: a travelling exhibition featuring products from different sectors – a symbiosis of finely crafted masterpieces and art.   
And FLAIR as the only frame maker is right in the middle of it all!

Handmade in Germany Tour

FLAIR glasses – made in Germany – a philosophy

Flair Brillen Modelle 153, 154, 155

Quality, design and service are fundamental values at FLAIR. Values that can hardly be achieved anywhere better than in Germany, because quality made in Germany has a tradition. A tradition that has been maintained at FLAIR for almost 70 years.

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