Patented technologies



Patentierte Technologien

Patented Technologies

Following the production of full-rim glasses in acetate and metal, the first rimless, screw-mount glasses were created in 1972 – FLAIR’s first definitive innovation. Since then, the eyewear manufactory has continued to develop its technologies and is now considered a pioneer in premium handcrafted eyewear frames.

Die wichtigsten technischen FLAIR Innovationen


pure technology – The invisible connection. Lightness and comfort perfected.
pure technology is a sophisticated construction technology unlike any other in the world that uses a high-strength, permanently elastic nylon thread to mount the lenses instead of screwing them onto the frame. The thread absorbs shocks, reducing the risk of breakage to an absolute minimum. The stability and flexibility of the material exceeds even that of titanium and allows for a diameter of only 0.8 mm. This is why pure technology glasses are the standard in lightweight glasses with the highest wearing comfort.

pure technology 2

pure technology 2 – The invisible screwless hinge. For an unlimited field of vision.
pure technology 2 is an advancement of pure technology that uses the specially developed FLAIR nylon thread instead of a hinge to connect the temple and the lens. The vertical construction allows for an even broader field of vision. It is minimalism in a new dimension. The temples are made of Bio-Steel® – a high-tech, nickel-free material used in medical technology, which does not cause a reaction even in the most severe allergy sufferers. Bio-Steel® is extremely flexible and elastic while holding its shape well. It does not limit the design in any way, and we can therefore offer virtually every customer a perfect, individual pair of FLAIR glasses with the comfort and durability of pure technology.