FLAIR Pure2: Patentierte Technologie für randlose Brillen

pure technology is a sophisticated and internationally unique design technology, with results in terms of simplicity, elegance and lightness that can hardly be beat.

The lenses are not screwed together with the frame, but are instead fastened with a high strength, permanently elastic nylon thread. This absorbs impact and thus reduces the risk of breakage to an absolute minimum. Due to the absence of disruptive screws, the glasses are especially easy to clean.

Because the bridge, end pieces and temples are shaped from a single diamond-drawn part, this results in an especially smooth and skin-friendly surface. The strength and elasticity of the material exceed even that of titanium and allow for diameters of only 0.8 mm. This makes pure technology glasses almost invisible and yet very stable.

pure technology 2 is the internationally patented knotting technique with which the temples and the glass are connected with the specially developed FLAIR nylon thread instead of with a hinge.

Bio-Steel®, an ultra-thin, dimensionally stable, elastic and nickel-free high-tech material from the medical technology sector is used as a temple material. Bio-Steel® fulfils the high demands made of comfortable glasses frames in a unique way and itself usually results in no problems of any kind for people with extreme allergies.

Bio-Steel® is so elastic and dimensionally stable that it exceeds the properties of titanium by nearly two times: while titanium breaks after five 90° bends, Bio-Steel® can withstand at least nine. A pure technology2 frame is therefore extremely flexible and shines with an unbelievably low weight of only 3.7 grams.

FLAIR Impuls: Die innovative Schanierlösung für Brillen Made in Germany

Flair Impulse – The new German-made hinge solution for rimless glasses

For the new FLAIR frames Flair 607 and Flair 608, FLAIR has implemented a completely new hinge solution called FLAIR Impulse.

The hinge has a spring effect that works without screws or pressure springs, setting itself apart from traditional spring hinges in terms of aesthetics and design.

Technical sophistication meets three-dimensional design

When opening and closing the frame, the fine stainless steel temple wire shifts slightly. This special construction allows the temple to snap open and shut by itself as soon as it receives a special impulse. The resulting slanted position of the hinge block gives the frame a modern look and an exceptional, three-dimensional character for a very distinctive design.
But this construction has more to offer than just its looks. The new hinge requires absolutely no maintenance and is impossible to copy. Another feature is the simplified technology connecting the temple and the lens using the new nylon threads that FLAIR is known for. The thread guide was completely reinvented for this purpose: The nearly invisible thread developed for FLAIR is extremely minimal, so that the edge is discreetly incorporated into the overall look. The very sleek front view of the new models and the vertically constructed edges provide a wider field of vision, since the edges do not extend into the lens.

Eine echte FLAIR wird geboren: Entwurf für eine randlose Brille
Eine echte FLAIR wird geboren: Entwurf für eine randlose Brille
Eine echte FLAIR entsteht: randlose Brillen aus sorgfältiger Handarbeit
Eine echte FLAIR entsteht: randlose Brillen aus sorgfältiger Handarbeit