Flair Qualität - made in Germany: Eine Symbiose aus modernsten Technologien, wertvollen Materialien und hochwertiger Verarbeitung.


FLAIR Technologien: Innovationen für Brillen Made in Germany

Our internationally patented technologies for the glazing of rimless glasses are unique. We develop innovative solutions that optimise wearing comfort to the highest level with unbelievable lightness and flexibility.


Flair Brillen Handarbeit

Quality, design and service are fundamental values at FLAIR. Values that can hardly be achieved anywhere better than in Germany, because quality made in Germany has a tradition.


FLAIR Brillen Made in Germany: sorgfältige Handarbeit

The teamwork of designers and goldsmiths, the most modern production processes and creative, modern colour specialists allow the original sample of the glasses to come into being and develop.