Flair Brillen: Karriere Chancen in einem deutschen Qualitätsbetrieb


History - made in Germany -

Since 1946, the Fink Group, consisting of the two companies FLAIR Modellbrillen and bx. eyewear inspirations produces unique designer frames of maximum brand-quality and perfect design, which find their followers in more than 50 countries.
With passion, enthusiasm and more than 120 employees the group creates masterpieces – made in Germany – in the company-surrounded Flairpark, in Oelde, north Rhine-Westphalia and sets standards in the optical sector with innovative ideas and latest technology.

Flair Brillen: Dr. Beck Auto

70 Years of Flair

From hairpins to eyewear

The perseverance of a man from Rathenow is the reason why the finest and most sophisticated eyeglass frames from the Flair brand are available today in over 50 countries throughout the world. But back when Dr Eugen Beck founded the company in Oelde, he had something else in mind.

When Dr Eugen Beck knocked at the door of the administration of the city of Oelde over 70 years ago, he had an ambitious plan: His intention was to produce combs and hairpins out of plastic. He envisioned a profitable business with this endeavour shortly after the end of the war. But he needed a suitable location for his manufacturing facility. The old radio station, no longer in use after the war, was an option. It was situated outside of the city on a gentle hill 174 metres high, which was the most elevated point in the area. At any rate, it was high enough for a radio station. Production was launched and, for several years, the company on the Mackenberg produced plastic combs and hairpins for women and girls all over Germany.

Expertise from Rathenow

Then a man from Rathenow, the city of optics, “made his way to Oelde and introduced himself to Dr Beck”, recounts Gunter Fink, Managing Partner of the Flair group today. “And he brought an idea with him: He wanted to make eyeglass frames. He already had experience in the field and believed that it would become a success. But the production of combs and hairpins was going so well that Dr Beck turned him down several times”, continues Fink.

The man, whose name is not given, was persistent. He wanted to use his expertise to produce eyeglass frames. So one day he brought with him a small bag filled with metal pieces, wires and cow hooves, claiming he could produce eyeglass frames out them. Beck, who was looking for new employees and new ideas at the time, finally gave him a chance and hired him in 1947. The man from Rathenow persuaded him with his idea, and the company Dr Eugen Beck stopped producing combs and hairpins and started producing eyeglass frames. Eventually the frames would be made in both plastic and acetate. A new era had begun: the success story of the ‘Dr Beck glasses’.

The first ‘screw-mount glasses’

But there was more to come. Beck’s son Rainer later joined the company after finishing his studies, bringing with him some fresh ideas. He suggested making rimless frames, which were called screw-mount frames at the time, alongside the acetate and metal full-rim frames. And so the first rimless frame was created in 1972 under the name ‘Flair’.

Source: Magazin "Euro Focus", 1/2016