Pure - patented rimless glasses

Expand your horizon. With lightness.

In this case, less is definitely more: two internationally unique, patented technologies combine straightforward, clear and puristic design with unbelievable lightness (pure technology as of 1.8 g, pure technology 2 as of 3.7 g). In addition to this, the optimal wearing comfort is complemented by a high degree of resilience, flexibility and stability. The BioSteel® used with pure technology is free of allergens. Advantages that will convince even the most demanding wearers.

Pure colours - Pure Joie de Vivre

A success story continues

The focus on the essential, the paring away of unnecessary elements and the development of a confident, modern frame: these are the cornerstones of the vibrant, pure frames – the FLAIR colours collection.  
The colour scheme is as simple as it is ingenious:  The outer temple and inner temple nearly always come in two different colours that are nonetheless perfectly coordinated. Fresh, trendy colours define these stainless steel frames in a sleek yet expressive way. The colour has been applied to the FLAIR colours models using a multilayered baking process known as electro-dip coating, which guarantees perfect colour bonding.

FLAIR Brillen made in Germany: Pure - randlose Brillen
FLAIR Brillen made in Germany: Pure - randlose Brillen Modell 652
FLAIR Brillen made in Germany
FLAIR Brillen made in Germany: Pure - randlose Brillen Modell 986

Video FLAIR pure technology 2

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